Active project | Rural traffic

Professional works

Autoput - Vc Koridor – Republika Bosna i Hercegovina - LOT 5

Active project | Rural traffic

Autoput - VC Koridor – Republika Bosna i Hercegovina - LOT 3

Active project | Rural traffic

Autoput -  VC Koridor – Republika Bosna i Hercegovina – LOT 6

Active project | Traffic object

VC Koridor – Republika Bosna i Hercegovina

About us

PromelProjekt is the first and the biggest systems engineering company in Croatia, specialized in traffic design, ITS and traffic monitoring, control and management systems integrated into traffic- information system for the purpose of efficient traffic management. Development of information, video, management and measuring technologies and, on the other hand, the increase in traffic density and the demand in safety and comfort standards for the participants in traffic and for environmental protection, have created the precondition and space for state-of-the-art software and systems aimed at study, planning, control, surveillance and management of traffic.

Through cooperation with specialized institutions and partners PromelProjekt has developed and implemented the information systems for surveillance, control and management of highways and tunnels which, by over 17 traffic management and control Centres, cover 1300 km of highways and the three longest Croatian tunnels (Sv. Rok - 5680 m, Mala Kapela - 5780 m and Učka - 5062 m). Our solutions have been recognized internationally too (in the neighbouring Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina we are designing the Vc corridor).

In urban traffic our solutions have been implemented at over 400 crossroads. The use of specialized software for planning and implementation of traffic solutions has optimized traffic flow (“Green wave”) and the demanding urban rotaries.

For more details about our activities and key references please click on “Urban”, “Rural”, “Tunnels” and “Roadside facilities”.

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