Active project | Rural traffic

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Autoput - Vc Koridor – Republika Bosna i Hercegovina - LOT 5

Active project | Rural traffic

Autoput - VC Koridor – Republika Bosna i Hercegovina - LOT 3

Active project | Rural traffic

Autoput -  VC Koridor – Republika Bosna i Hercegovina – LOT 6

Active project | Traffic object

VC Koridor – Republika Bosna i Hercegovina


Tunnels are specific structures, especially in the context of safety of traffic participants. According to data provided by the EUROTAP (European Tunnel Assessment Programme) 95 % of accidents in tunnels are caused by human mistakes. It is, therefore, extremmely important that drivers are accurately and timely informed about traffic conditions. On the other hand, response times of the Center for traffic management, of fire service and immediate medical care depend on the timely and objective information from the scene. The systems such as video surveillance, detection of accidents, automatic activation of traffic signallization, ventillation and lighting appear to be the most important for the timely and efficient intervention of the emergency response forces. With 48 km of the designed tunnels in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the implemented solutions of traffic-information system for traffic monitoring and control, the video system for detection of traffic accidents and the system for variable message traffic signalling PromelProjekt has become a reliable, approved and experienced partner. 

Traffic planning

  • Traffic research, studies and analyses
  • Construction and testing of traffic networks simulation models by computer simulation
  • Analysis and consultancy in traffic safety

Traffic design

  • Design of vertical and horizontal traffic signalling
  • Design of variable message traffic signalling
  • Design of traffic equipment and of measuring and managing devices

Design of traffic infrastructure

  • Design of electric installations
  • Design of communication networks
  • Design of surveillance systems

Construction and simulation of traffic simulation models


Intelligent transportation systems

  • A remote control and management system
  • Traffic- information system
  • Automatic accident detection
    • Smoke in a tunnel
    • Stop of a moving vehicle in a tunnel, in both directions
    • Obstacles on a road surface (pedestrians, fallen cargo, etc.)
    • Unexpectedly slow vehicles
    • Wrong way driving (overtaking)
    • Debris
  • Detection system for oversize vehicles
  • Automatic recording system for number plates
  • Monitoring of hazardous materials transportation
  • Traffic management and control Centre

Education and training of staff



  • Tunel Učka-(Croatia)
  • Tunel Sv. Rok-(Croatia)
  • Tunel Mala Kapela-(Croatia)
  • Tunel Selca – Dubovica-(Croatia)
  • Tunel Sveti Ilija-(Croatia)
  • Tunel Mravinci-(Croatia)
  • Tunel Vijenac-(Bosnia and Herzegovina)





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